In-Person FAQs

In-Person Frequently Asked Questions

 Wait, How does it work?

Michelle Slonim will MC the show, bringing an amp and microphone and voila we will put on a private standup comedy show in your living room.

How Long Is The Show and How Many Comedians?

Each show is customized.  Most living room show runs approximately 60 minutes with a handpicked group of comedians.  It’s possible to customize the show length to fit the evening.  Food is not served during the show. The show takes place after the entree has been served and before the dessert. Michelle will coordinate with the maître d’ so after the show, the dessert immediately comes out.

How Much Does it Cost?

It depends upon several factors, such as day of the week, time and whether it’s a charity, private party, or corporate event.

When Do I Pay?

Payment is due 3 weeks before the show date. You can pay via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, ACH, check, or credit card (which has an additional 5% processing fee.)

Do I Tip The Comedians after the performance?

Gratuity is not included but always appreciated.

Will The Comedians Stay For The Rest Of The Party?

It depends on the comedians’ schedules, unless specific arrangements are made in advance.

Do I Have To Provide Food For The Comedians?

No, but it’s always appreciated.

Where Will Living Room Laughs Comedians Travel?

We predominately service New York City tri-state area.

Do The Comedians Use Appropriate Language?

It’s totally up to you. If you have material and/or language restrictions, we coordinate with the comedians to make sure they are followed. We recommend not restricting the comics as they are professionals and can feel out a room based on how they are responding.

Do I Need A Big Apartment/Home?

No. One of the best features of Living Room Laughs is its intimacy. Living Room Laughs is perfect for any living space; we’ve done events in studio apartments, Classic Sevens and suburban homes.

I Have A Nice Backyard, Can I Do the Comedy Show Outside?

While comedy is definitely funnier indoors, COVID19 has forced us to expand to virtual and outdoor shows. So yes, for the foreseeable future, you can have your comedy show outside.

Is The Show A Roast?

No, it is a stand-up comedy show. Since the setting is intimate there will most likely be an element of crowd work, but most of the show is comedians doing their act.

Is This Only For Dinner Parties?

No. Living Rooms Laughs is a comedy show that’s perfect for any event in your home, office setting or any private space.

What Is The Dress code?

It’s totally up to you. If you have a dress code in mind, we coordinate with the comedians to make sure it is followed.

Who Are The Comedians?

The comedians are top tier New York City comics who play in all the major clubs.

Can I Choose The Comedians?

No. Living Room Laughs will ask you questions about you and your party and will select the most appropriate comedians for your specific evening.  There of course are exceptions within reason.