4 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Perhaps you’re thinking, "Sh*t what am I going to do? I need to be romantic! Last year, I gave my partner flowers and they dried up a day later. And when I gave a bottle of wine, they said, "This is what you give an assistant."

I would get her a box of chocolates, but that’s as generic as wine. If I get her something from Lululemon or Alo, she’ll get mad at me, implying I’m giving her a hint to lose weight, even though she loves those brands. You can’t win."


So here's some unique Valentine's Day ideas:

1) Embarrass yourself by taking a Zumba or Ballroom class together. Start sweating before you start sweating, if you know what we mean.

2) Hire a sommelier to lead you through a wine tasting. You can either make it just the two of you, or invite your couple friends.

3) Hire a private comedian (or multiple comedians, our specialty!) for your spouse and closest friends. Like a couples night in with live entertainment. If you're in the NY tri-state area, contact us for a private comedy show in your living room. Then at the end of the night, kick your friends out and have a special nightcap just the two of you, wink wink.

4) Go on a local chocolate tour and get your sweet tooth on. In a lot of big cities, you sign up for an official chocolate tour complete with guide, or go self-guided and just map out a few locations on your own.

Extra credit: Start your evening with a chocolate tour, then go to a sommelier and have the comedians come to you.