About Us

Who the Heck Are We, Anyway?

Living Room Laughs curates high-quality stand-up comedy shows in people’s living spaces, restaurants and off-site locations. The one-hour show features several NYC professional comedians who are specifically selected by your host and Living Room Laughs founder Michelle Slonim, to best fit your taste and style of humor you enjoy.

Meet Michelle,
Our Founder & Comedian

Growing up in Manhattan, I had the world at my fingertips, so-to-speak. But you know what I really loved? Going to friends’ houses for parties. I was so interested in seeing how my classmates lived—because it’s different for everybody; I loved checking out their interesting homes, and I OBVIOUSLY enjoyed the array of different snacks available at every party. To me, this was way more interesting than using my fake ID to get into bars.

Flash forward to adulthood: I’m a standup comedian, wish I still needed a fake ID, and still prefer house parties to traditional New York City nightlife.

The seed for Living Room Laughs was planted when a friend of mine was hosting a jammin’ music birthday party in his home. I asked if we could incorporate a comedy show into the evening, and he was into the idea. So when the band took a break, we transformed his stairwell into a stage and the comedy show began. People loved the intimacy of it, and after the semi-impromptu show, a few guests came up to me and asked if I could put together a similar show in their home. Of course I was thrilled to oblige, and little did I know this was the beginning of my new career.

The shows have grown, and now we do corporate shows, shows on Zoom and—well, shows pretty much anywhere! We are professionals at making people laugh no matter where they are.

Michelle Slonim, Founder & Comedian