Comics for Your Corporate Christmas Party – A No Brainer

The last few years have been tough. Between zoom calls, working remote, and furloughs, if you’ve been able to maintain your sanity through the work world we commend you. Hopefully, your boss isn’t still making you do any "virtual" cocktail hours, but if they are, you can let them know that they could book comedians for that virtual event to spice it up a bit, or even better.. Bring a comedian to your corporate Christmas party! It might be early, but it’s never too early to plan, especially if you’ve got a big event to get ready for.

Here are just a few reasons to consider booking a comedian for your corporate holiday party

You’re Not a Comedian

Whether you’re just going to be showing up to hide in the corner or you’re the hostess with the mostest, you aren’t a stand-up comic. We are, and personally know stand-up comics though, and we can bring them to help you maximize your entertainment value. It’s not easy getting up on stage or hosting a big event where you have to shmooze and entertain a lot of people. Let a pro come in and help you knock it down!

It Get’s People in the Spirit

With professional comedians in the house, it will really take down the drab feeling of being another “work event.” This allows your staff and their families to enjoy the party and get into the spirit of the holidays. It’s always tough getting through the season of shopping, wrapping, and drinking to avoid the pain of debt. Having a comic at the party lets everyone know they can chill out and enjoy a good show. 

Opens Up Trust and Morale

Nothing brings people together like laughter. Having a comedy show for your Christmas Holiday Work event can help to take down the stress and boundaries of work, and help your team come together. Comedy especially helps to draw connections between management and the rest of the team that may not occur without some good jokes. Nothing but good memories (as long as everyone doesn’t get too drunk).

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Show Your Team You Care

Nobody wants to come to a lame party. Sure the right amount of booze can crank up any Christmas party, but don’t rely on that to be your sole entertainment. It’s been a difficult few years for everyone at the company, don’t you think it’s time you all had a good time together? Maybe you’re close and are used to a good time together, but the holidays are a great time to show the team that leadership values their hard work and loyalty. What better gift to give than a belly full of laughter?

It’s So Easy to Book

Nobody thinks of a stand-up comedian when considering booking holiday party entertainment. That’s why we’re here writing this blog! People think in order to book a comedian you need to know some crazy agent who’s on a yacht somewhere to book Jerry Seinfeld. You don’t need to film a Netflix special to enjoy great standup. Anyone who’s ever gone to an open mic night knows the art of comedy isn’t bound to who’s on TV. We know great NYC comedians, and we will help you give your employees a show they won’t ever forget!

If you or someone you know is being proactive and planning your Holiday party in advance, help them understand that booking a comedian is as easy as reaching out to Living Room Laughs. We entertain private parties and corporate events in the tri-state area and know what it takes to have efficient and easy entertainment for parties. Just give us a call or reach out via our contact form to learn more about how you can book a private comedian for your holiday party!


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