How To Have A Great Comedy Show At Your Holiday Party

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Tis the season for holiday parties!

Here's our tips for ensuring an amazing holiday party. Whether you decide to hire comedians or just do it yourself.

Schedule your holiday party early

Get your party on the schedule before people are bombarded with other festivities. If you throw a holiday party in November, people will be excited for a bonus night out. By December 15th, a lot of us have holiday-party-exhaustion-itis and are more likely to skip your fantastic event.


Have plenty of booze
You want your friends, family and co-workers loose before a comedy show, so pour the drinks.


Create a drink of the night

Try a themed mixed drink like a Jingle Juice, Christmosa, or a Boozy Grinch Punch. Catchy names show your guests that you're going all out!


Cater food

If you're gonna get your guests loaded, make sure they can soak up the drinks with some tasty treats. 


Don't over-do the booze

The key is how long people drink before the entertainment begins. We think about 60 minutes is the ideal time between inviting guests and starting the show. We want the guests chatting with each other but not yet sick of each other. Plus too much open bar time increases the odds that someone talks, heckles or does a keg stand while the comedians are performing.