Zoom Stand-Up Comedy – How It Works

You Might Be Wondering… Zoom Comedy? We’re Here To Tell You How It Works

Before the pandemic, the thought of getting on a video chat with your coworkers after hours was probably not the best idea… Unless you were deep into the night on some important TPS reports. Rightttt…


Office Parties Have Seen Better Days…

When the remote/virtual/matrix era began, none of us knew how long we’d be in it for. We all stand here today a little more seasoned in the world of ZOOM video chat etiquette, but who woulda thought it would be here to stay? When it comes to planning an office party or business party event, getting everyone together to some mutual lackluster activity was never easy, but add in an unsafe virus and political discourse and you’ve got a recipe for disaster!

So maybe there are other options rather than see Gary the IT guy let his dark side out at the local watering hole..

Why not let Gary let his hair down from home… on a Zoom Stand Up Comedy Show?

The Best Part About Zoom Comedy.. It Travels

A night at the comedy club isn’t fun unless it has great comics. Anyone who’s been to an open mic knows the difference between a good comic and a comic. There are NO BAD COMICS! We are all doing our best! But you know what we mean..

Bad comics can make the sexiest comedy club seem drab and dingy.

Bring the Comedy Club To Your Living Room

A Zoom comedy night with Living Room Laughs allows all (or some) of your guests to be able to log in from home and view the show remotely. We have the ability to be able to get 4 NYC top quality comics hand-picked for your crowd in person, but we can also run the show fully remote! Up to You!

Call to talk to Michelle or Ben and learn more! We have worked with smaller birthday party groups, and also huge corporate parties! Let us know what you need and we will ensure you won’t be disappointed! Just take a look at our reviews on Google if you don’t take our word for it!

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