“40th For Her” Ideas for Your Woman’s Next 40th Birthday Party

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Turning 40 is a milestone birthday that older adults may never forget. Shoot, some people just decide to ceelebrate turning 40 every year after 40. Let your wife know how special she is to you and her friends by planning a memorable birthday celebration. We’ve found the best 40th birthday ideas for your wife’s 40th and FABULOUS! After all, the birthday girl is your best friend and deserves something special on such a significant birthday! 

High-End Dinner or personal chef?

Is your wife a foodie? Let her enjoy a night of fine dining for her birthday. Take her to a fancy restaurant, or maybe you don’t want to cook yourself. Bring in a talented chef to serve up a delicious dinner. Plus, isn’t it lovely thinking about eating a five-star meal in your home that you had nothing to do with?

Wine Tasting

We love the idea of hiring a limo service and sipping on the juice of the Gods at a winery or vineyard. Alternatively, you can explore virtual wine tasting options for a cozy, at-home experience that goes down just as easy to enjoy together or with her girlfriends!

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Make It a Murder Mystery

You can host a plain-old dinner party…or a dinner party where somebody gets murdered. The uptick of interest in murder mystery experiences means plenty of options for having the performance (spoiler: no one gets murdered) come to you—and it will be dinner and a show.

Book that trip she’s been talking about

Taking your wife on a trip for her milestone birthday is one of the best ways to make the celebration memorable and spend quality time together. You could go on a romantic couple’s getaway, a big family vacation, book a cruise, or send her on a girl’s trip with her friends. Pair it with a SPA Day at her favorite spa to elevate her celebration.

Throw A Surprise Party…

Call your family and friends to wish your wife a happy 40th birthday to create a great time she’ll never forget. Drinking wine and enjoying a piece of birthday cake. Surprise parties are a great way to celebrate your loved one, especially on a milestone birthday like 40.

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Host a Comedy Show

Host a comedy show if your guest of honor has a great sense of humor. We have REAL NYC comedians that can get down and dirty (or keep it clean) and bring down the house.  You can book the perfect comedian for your wife’s event; they will have your wife and guest roaring with laughter and setting the tone for the entire night.

The comedy club could come to you, even if you’re not living near one. Living Room Laughs has brought the fun of private comedy shows everywhere in the greater tri-state area of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

With these unique 40th birthday ideas for your wife, you can be sure her birthday will be a day she’ll never forget. If you have questions about our events or are curious about pricing or availability, call or reach out via our contact form! Michelle works with people from all over the country to create a unique stand-up comedy event for people from all different backgrounds! Let’s get your show on the road!