SURPRISE! How to Hire a Comedian for Your Surprise Party

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If you’ve been here before you’re well aware of who we are and what we do, but if it’s your first time we’d love to introduce ourselves! We are a married couple who are NYC comedians who provide private stand-up events for individuals and businesses all over the tri-state area. We have been in backyards, boardrooms, and even done shows virtually! Today on the blog we wanted to give you some tips on what to do and what not to do when planning a surprise party!

What to Do

Plan Ahead
Make sure that you have an idea of how many people you’re expecting. Have an idea of the schedule of your party, where you need to be, where your guests need to be, and when. The most important part of a surprise party is the SURPRISE! We can be a perfect addition to your surprise, but ensure you have your plan in place to keep everything a secret! You want to be able to allow your guests to socialize, but also be able to focus on the entertainment.

Tell the Guests Comics Are Coming

Understanding we don’t want the guest of honor to have any clue that their party is going down, you will want to let the guests know that you have entertainment coming. This way they can have an idea of how to prepare to schedule their socializing. It’s not easy to get everyone’s attention and begin a show if nobody knows a show is going down!

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Provide a Green Room/ Lil Snackie Poo

Having a little space for the talent to be able to collect themselves, prepare, and get out of the limelight is always a great sign of a great host. We don’t REQUIRE you to provide anything for the comics, no green m&m's or N64’s need to be in the green room, but it’s nice to have for the comics. Inviting them to be able to have a little snack also helps to make the comics feel welcome and comfortable, but ultimately our jobs are to make YOU laugh, and we promise to do that.. Even if there are m&m's that aren't green. 

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What Not To Do

Have Kids or Dogs at the Show

It’s not to say there is no dogs or kids allowed at the show, but we’ve found that they can certainly become an issue. Would you bring your child or dog to the comedy club? Obviously working with us, you’ll be able to have some control over the content of the show, so we will work together, but as a word of advice, kids and dogs don’t usually mix well with live entertainment. 

Forget to Have Chairs

This may be obvious, but if you’re having an event at home, think about how many people you’re going to have and where they’re going to sit. It’s tough to stand for a 30-60 minute performance, and we want all your guests to be able to get comfy and enjoy the show as if they were at the comedy club. If you’re planning an event at an event space, consider chairs and conflicts beforehand to ensure your party goes off well, and everyone can enjoy the comedy in comfort. 

Forget to Prepare the Crowd for the Focused Show

If nobody is prepared for a scheduled show, it’s going to be difficult to wrangle everyone over and get their attention and get them to observe. We’re social creatures and once the dranks get pourin' and people get talking, we can’t stop. Well, some of us. If you have a DJ or other entertainment, if people are dancing and having a good time, they won’t want to be told to stop dancing and sit down, who likes that? 

If you’re thinking about what entertainment would be best for your surprise party, we certainly suggest giving us a call! We have worked with people from all different backgrounds all over the tri-state area to provide private stand-up comedy events, and we will provide real NYC comedians who will fit your crowd. We have done surprise parties and employee surprise parties, and we truly love what we do. If you have any questions about what we can do for you just give us a call or fill out our contact form! We look forward to your call!