Fun-draise with Comedy – 4 Reasons to Bring Stand-up to Your Fundraising Event!

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Welcome back to the blog! We use this blog to help show our friends out there that having a comedy show IS POSSIBLE and remind people that finding entertainment that WORKS isn’t easy. If you’re looking for a way to take your event to another level, we know how to do that. Having a trusted resource of living breathing NYC comics at our disposal allows us to custom tailor a private comedy event that your guests will enjoy. We have talked here about Golf gigs, Bachelorette parties and more, but today we wanted to touch on Non Profits and organizations who need good entertainment to help their fundraising events!


Here’s 4 Big Reasons to Give Us a Call if you’re having a non-profit fundraising event!


Make it Fun!

The best way to get people to attend a fundraising event is to make it FUN. Whatever the theme, stand-up comedy can be crafted to help demonstrate a good cause. There are various levels of “clenliness” in comedy, and depending on your crowd, we can keep it clean if need be. Ultimately the event deserves the cause to be the main focus, but having a comedy show is a great way to get people to show up and enjoy themselves!

Take Some of The Pressure Off the MC

With a comedy show on the itinerary, it allows the hosts of the event to take a little break from running the show. Sure, you might need to keep yourself busy during the show, but you can at least get out of the lights and give your audience something to enjoy for an hour or so. This allows you to focus on what matters most when managing your event. Having a show planned allows you to plan around the focus, and make sure all your ducks are in a row. 

Comedians Who Care

We wouldn’t sign ourselves up to work with you if we didn’t feel it was a good cause. If you are thinking about entertainment for your event, don’t you want someone who might actually give a shit? We have worked with some pretty incredible organizations over the years, providing support form some amazing causes. If you sign us up to help you host and raise awareness for good, we will be sure to represent you and your organzation with class.

Entertainment is HARD!

If being a comedian was easy, everyone would do it! We have seen the trials and tribulations of learning what is entertaining, and what isn’t, and we love what we do. Finding entertainment for a good cause can be challenging, especially when you don’t know where to start. We have experience working with non-profit organizations to help them create the environment they want through the magic of comedy, and we look forward to each new opportunity, no matter how challenging it is!

We hope this helps you feel more comfortable about booking a comedian for your good cause. We have seen how comedy can provide the comic relief needed for a cathartic and enjoyable event, and we love helping to make your event special. If you have any questions about how this whole thing all works, don’t be shy! We (Michelle) is always available to help guide you through a realistic comedy event that you could hold, and we will be able to help show you what some other organizations have done that we’ve worked with! Thanks for reading and remember to follow us on Instagram to see some of our shows!