Summer Birthday Event Ideas – Bring NYC Stand-Up to Your Backyard!

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Here in New York City, we don’t get many nice months for outdoor activities. Sure, if you ask any person who’s moved out of NY into a warmer state they’ll say “I miss the 4 seasons,” but if they did they wouldn’t have moved in the first place! Ok ok, enough complaining about the tundra. It’s finally summer!!! Northeasterners can rejoice as we have officially hit the season of the sun here in NYC, so today on the blog, we wanted to talk about why a backyard stand-up event is THE hottest birthday idea this summer.

Going Out 

Depending on your age, you may want to “hit the town.” If you’re over 25, the thought of having to go out on the town might give you anxiety. With everything that’s gone on the last 2+ years, you might have even forgotten HOW to “go out.” Well if you or someone you know has a big BDAY this summer, why not consider “going out” in style, and bringing a private stand-up show to your backyard? This enables everyone to get together and bring the NYC comedy show to you!

Planning Ahead

One benefit of having a backyard birthday party is that you don’t need to worry about meeting up, making the train, finding the place, etc. Planning ahead for a backyard private comedy show enables you to control the crowd, make your own DRANKS, and ensure you have full control over planning and entertainment. We will work directly with you based on your night’s plans, and provide insight into the best way to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the show. We have worked with people all over the Tri-state area to provide private stand-up shows, so we know what it takes to put on a good show!

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Ability to Surprise

Low key… What a better surprise than 4 NYC stand-up comedians and all of your best friends and family? If you were considering any sort of surprise party, things can get hairy pretty quick with keeping everyone informed and ensuring the lucky surprise-ee doesn’t find out. Knowing that the party can come to you and be set up perfectly for an unbeknownst BDAY guy or gal to walk into a ROOM full of smiling faces, followed by a professional comedy show right in your back yard!?

Bring NYC to You

Whether you are deep in the heart of the city, in Jersey, Connecticut or somewhere else around NYC, we can come to you. We bring the show. You don’t need to worry about getting down into the city and worry about parking or cabs or any of that. If you’re looking for a taste of NYC without needing to swallow the whole pie, consider holding a private comedy event at your place, and we can bring the NYC comedy scene to you!

These are just a few reasons why Living Room Laughs should be on your top birthday ideas list. It’s summer, we only get a quarter of the year to enjoy ourselves in the warmth, so why not have a backyard comedy bash? If you do happen to be outside of the immediate Tri-State area, don’t be afraid.. We DO go VIRTUAL also! Just give us a call or fill out our contact form to get an idea on pricing, and go over your event details with Michelle so you can get your event booked today! Thanks! Remember to follow us on FB & IG! Here's How to Hire a Comedian for Your Private Event!