Need Top Quality Entertainment for Your Event? Hire a Private Comedian & Have No Regrets!

Need Top Quality Entertainment for Your Event?

20 years ago the concept of a private comedian coming to your house and doing a show may have sounded a little odd, or at least limited to the filthiest of rich. The last few years have certainly changed the way we all view and observe entertainment, and if you’re all zoomed out on virtual events… perhaps a private comedian could be your answer!

Limited Occupancy

Obviously, the pandemic has thrown a wrench in just about every aspect of life, including making it out on the town. A lot of NYC comedy clubs are open, but occupancy concerns and social distancing can sometimes put a damper on a night on the town. If you are having a little gathering at your house or considering a work party with a big group of invites, you can book a private comedy show with Living Room Laughs and make it one that won’t be forgotten!

Invite Only

The best part about a private comedian show with us? You get to control the guest list! Your private comedy show is limited to only who you invite, and that means you can rest assured that the event is safe. Being NYC comedians we understand the comedian industry and know top-quality comics that can bring your private event to the next level. 

Safe & Secure

You know you want to have a great time but you don’t know how everyone will be able to come together and decide on a safe spot where everyone feels comfortable in public. What do you do? We understand that this time isn’t easy to get together, and that’s exactly why we provide private comedy. We love to make people laugh and bring people together! That’s what it's all about!

The next time you hear anyone considering a night on the town for some NYC comedy or can’t figure out what to do for Al’s 40th birthday… Think of Living Room Laughs! We can bring 4 comics to the crib and leave everyone ready for their next private comedy show!

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