3 Reasons to Book a Virtual Comedian for Your Private Event

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Here at Living Room Laughs, we take comedy seriously. Okay, maybe not too seriously... But we are seriously NYC comedians! We are a real-life couple who has stood on many of the top NYC comedy club stages here in Manhattan, and we’ve found that the ZOOM-universe we’ve entered since the pandemic has opened up a lot of unique opportunities to bring the NYC comedy club directly to your door… or your office! Private comedy shows are available, but we can bring a virtual show wherever you want in the US!


Here are 3 reasons why you should consider booking a virtual comedian to entertain at your next company event!


New Virtual Corporate Party Entertainment

We’ve all been there. The staunch corporate after-work party that everyone is trying to get out of having to go to. Maybe it’s a holiday work event, maybe your boss is just looking for a new way to celebrate a great sales year. Perhaps you’re just looking for a fun way to make that morning huddle meeting something a bit more fun this Friday. We have worked with some really large companies to provide virtual stand-up comedy shows, and we’ve truly enjoyed the ability to bring the NYC club to your corporate party.


Team Building for Company Events

Comedy is what we do, and regardless of what industry you work in, or what your company does.. Our events are sure to keep your employees laughing. We bring in a team of 4 NYC-quality stand-up comedians to perform virtually, and we can even tailor our material to fit your industry or group! Whenever we end up finishing a corporate event, we find that the leadership team is overly impressed with how happy everyone is afterward. Many times we find people saying “I wish I would have known I could do this sooner!” 


Virtual Birthday Celebration Events

We will continue to touch on all the many ways we’ve found virtual comedy events can make a party memorable, but if you think you don’t have the budget for a private virtual comedy event for your family's birthday party, you’re wrong! We have worked with people here in the local NYC area to provide personal in-home private comedy events, as well as helped people all over the country enjoy a hell of a good time celebrating virtual birthdays. If there is any positive to come out of this new “Zoom-universe” it’s that it allows families and friends to get together live, and enjoy an NYC stand-up comedy show from the comfort of their couch!


Stay tuned here on the blog where we will continue to highlight unique ways that virtual comedy can inspire your party, whether it's professional or personal! We will also talk about some of our favorite shows we’ve experienced, funny moments in our comedian careers, and maybe even some tips on how you can learn how to do stand up! Stay tuned! Remember if you or someone you know may be interested in booking a virtual comedian for your event, just give us a call or fill out our contact form to get the process started!

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