12 Steps for Hosting an Amazing Comedy Show in Your Home

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Congratulations you’ve decided to host a super fun party in your home where you’ll dazzle your guests with a standup comedy show. After the show they will think you’re the funniest kid in the block - although you didn’t tell a single joke 😁 The comedians did all the heavy lifting and you get the credit, sweet deal!

Here’s the 12 Steps To Make Your In Home Comedy Show The Best


1. Invite your fun friends

Invite your friends who like to have a good time. The ones who laugh loudly and knock back a drink or two will make for a more fun audience than your 88-year-old great aunt with the permanently sour face. If you must invite Aunt Sour, at least have her sit towards the back.

2. Get a babysitter

While family-friendly shows have been successful, they are harder. Children tend to have less ability to focus, and even when the language is clean, makes adults feel uncomfortable or self-conscious while laughing. If you and your friends all have kids, hire one communal babysitter to watch them all in a separate area of your house or in your neighbor’s home. (Make sure to invite the neighbor!) When the kids are away the parents will play! And the kids will have more fun too.

3. Start the comedy show one hour after the guests are invited

You want people to have some food and drink and be able to mingle first, but you don’t want them talking and drinking for so long that they’re restless before the show starts. Yes guests arrive fashionably late, so if your invite says 7PM most people will get there between 7:15 and 7:30. That’s still enough time for them to chat and grab food and drink. The show starting at 8pm will be perfect. We also advise putting the show start time on the invite, for those of your friends that are chronically late, so they don’t come in so late they interrupt the show.

4. Invite the comedians to have some food and drink

When comedians feel welcome, they’re looser and funnier!


5. Choose the best place for the comedian to stand

You want an area that can be seen by everyone. Ideally the comedian is in an area that makes the room feel “wide” and not “long”. The closer the furthest away audience member is, the better for the show.


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If there is a column or artwork that blocks the view, position the comedians elsewhere.


6. Be prepared for the comedians to change the room setup

We know,  you so carefully thought of the room setup! Comedians want the show to be a success even more than you do, so when they arrive, if they have last minute seating and stage positioning suggestions, listen to them.

7. Have enough chairs for everyone

You want everyone sitting as close to the comedian as possible. You don’t want people clustered and standing in the back. The only one standing should be the standup comedian.

8. Place the food and drinks away from the stage

You don’t want the audience salivating over the prosciutto while the comedian is telling their jokes. Ideally everyone will have eaten before the show begins, but if someone wants to get more food to munch, let them do so discreetly towards the back of the room or in the kitchen.

9. Be prepared to adjust the room lighting

We bring our own spotlight and sound system for your home, so most of the lights in your show area will need to be dimmed or turned off right before the show begins. Once the show ends, you’ll want to be ready to turn the lights back on. Even better, show the MC how the lights work so they can take care of it while you bathe in compliments from your guests.

10. Have the music ready

A good party always has music. So have music playing when guests arrive, but be ready to turn off the music directly before the show starts. Then be ready again to turn the music back on right after the show ends.

11. Get all the guests seated before the show starts

The MC will make a “five minutes before the show” announcement. Your guests will fill up their drink and use the restroom, but they’ll most likely continue standing around until you ask them to sit (in the front!). While the MC can ask the guests to sit, it’s your party in your house, they will better listen to you.

12. Get a post-show photo

Ask the MC to snap a picture of all your guests after the show ends. It’ll make for a nice memory. And make sure you’re in the photo!

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