Clean Comedy in a Virtual World – What the #@%* Does that Mean?

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As we continue to get used to a “new normal,” and the life we once knew continues to wither into a distant memory, we forge forward! We created Living Room Laughs in the depths of the 2020 pandemic, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. We never would have thought that virtual stand-up comedy would be so popular, or so fun! Who knew? That’s why despite COVID becoming a bit quieter, and people being dragged back to their cubicles, we’re not going to stop doing virtual shows! We’ve found that many companies and organizations enjoy the chance to have a remote clean comedian perform for their teams.

Today on the blog, we wanted to talk about “Clean Comedy,” what it means and why your boss will love Living Room Laughs.

Here are the 4 Types of “Clean” Comedy

Club Clean

TV Clean

Church Clean

Squeaky Clean

Not all clean comedy is created equal! In today’s day and age, comedy has taken a few low blows when it comes to saying the “right” thing. Our morals have shifted, but so has how we talk, and what we can or can’t say. When working with companies or organizations, we often find varying degrees of what can or can’t be said. Depending on your crowd, you’ll want some idea of criteria that is “off-limits,” but remember, comedy is meant to be… FUNNY. 

Let’s break down the levels of “Clean” in greater detail…

What is “Club Clean”?

In a nutshell, club clean is something that would not offend most people. No cursing or sexual references. The catch is club clean can depend on the club. One club could be okay with cursing but not with sex jokes for example. Or perhaps no drug references. You may hear innuendos but no references. Certainly no hard profanity or talking about dark humor.

What is “TV Clean”?

This one is pretty simple to understand. Is it “safe for TV” or not? Innuendo is acceptable, and certainly the perception of what is ok for TV has shifted over the years. What’s safe for Nick Jr may not be safe for viewers of Euphoria. 

Throwback- George Carlin Words You Can’t Say on TV

What is “Church Clean”?

No innuendo, not even a drip of obscenity. Would it be safe for the church? Political jokes usually don’t go great in a “church clean” setting. If we were to do a “church clean” set, we wouldn’t talk about religious things, and if you imagined “TV” clean at PG13, this would be basically PG. No foul language, no “hell” no “damn” not even jokes about your favorite serial killer. 

Squeaky Clean… Think Nick JR

G Rated baby! Good luck finding a comedian who’s willing to go full G rated! Luckily you found one in Living Room Laughs. We’ve worked with companies all over the country to perform both in person and virtually, and we’ve found that every company is different. Depending on where you are, the age of your employees/teammates, and what’s going on in the world… You may have a different idea in 6 months from now on what you’d like to see from us. We’re here to help you! We are event planners in a sense, specializing in comedy events. We can go squeaky clean.. If we have to.

Honestly.. You have to be pretty good to go squeaky clean. The best comedians can do it all!

If you’re interested in having a clean comedy show for your company or organization (or a dirty one) please don’t hesitate to reach out! Simply let us know what you’re thinking in our contact form, or give us a call to talk to Michelle about your needs! We look forward to hearing from you! Keep it classy yall!

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