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We are real-life seasoned New York City Comedians. We know what it takes to call yourself an NYC comedian. In the age of virtual cocktail hours, many people have come forward to claim their dominance over virtual events. The virtual event, ah yes, the virtual event. The epitome of team building for the corporate staff. When COVID hit, we were all forced into a new way of life, and today we stand in a new world, where ZOOM events and drive-by birthday parties are becoming less normal, but we’re here to tell you why zoom comedy clubs are here to stay!

If you are in charge of booking a team-building event for your company, whatever you do, don’t do this…

Instead of playing remote work bingo, Book a Virtual Remote Work Roast

It’s been a long few years now of virtual work and work from home life. A quick Google search can provide you with a bevy of virtual team-building options. One of which we’ve seen (and laughed about) is a BINGO board with remote work tasks. Sure this could be campy and delightful for 1 kiss-ass out of the whole company, but why not turn to a real comedian to bring down the house? 

We can hold a remote stand-up comedy hour and absolutely ROAST the pants off remote work, and bring comic relief live and (virtually) in the flesh. OR we can come to you! We do private shows also…

Instead of a “Tea and Coffee Tasting” Have a Virtual Happy Hour with Standup Comedy on ZOOM

Speaking of ROBUST ROASTS, hopefully, you haven’t had to sit through a virtual team-building “tasting” over the last year or so. If you have, hopefully, it wasn’t coffee & tea, and something a little more alcoholic. What better way to bring everyone together than to host a virtual happy hour! Obviously, everyone loves a good after-dinner sip event, but not everyone likes to have that awkward conversation at the bar waiting for your free drink. With our virtual stand-up events, we can bring comedy to everyone in your workforce, and allow everyone to enjoy LIVE from home!

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Remote Virtual Ice Breakers of ANY KIND

Look we know your boss probably had good intentions when they thought to have everyone hop on ZOOM to play show and tell, or play virtual book club, or remote MTV cribs. We get it. We invented Living Room Laughs so that the challenge of being entertaining, and the risk of flop is off your shoulders. When you choose to run a remote event with Living Room Laughs, you can trust that your day or night will be unforgettable. We have worked with companies of all different sizes, all over the United States to provide private and virtual comedy events on ZOOM, and we are proud to say we have enjoyed each and every remote comedy show. 

If you or someone you know is struggling to find a corporate comedy event, whether virtually or in person, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form or give us a call! We’d love to discuss what type of show you’re looking to have, how many people you need us to make laugh, and what the event is all about! Let’s get laughing!

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