How to Hire a Comedian for Your Private Event – Comedy Event Planning 101

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Living Room Laughs can bring the comedy club directly to your doorstep! As seasoned NYC comedians, we know what it takes to put on a great stand-up comedy event. That’s why we started Living Room Laughs, so people like you could experience everything that the comedy club has to offer, without the headache of getting a cab, driving downtown or getting a bad seat because you were late! Here on the blog we aim to offer up helpful tips and tricks for anyone out there who may be looking to book a comedian, or thinking about hiring a comedian for a private event. 

Today we’re taking a few minutes to help you better understand the age-old question… How do you hire a comedian for a private event?? So here you have it..

First Things First… What’s The Occasion?

One of the most important steps is the first one. Identifying the type of event, and the type of audience. This helps clearly define what comedian is, (or comedians!) are best for your show. It's imperative to choose a comedian who is EXPERIENCED in handling your type of event, in addition to other niche events. Is your event a…

Birthday Party?


After Dinner Show?

Trade Show?

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party?

Obviously, laughter is the most important factor, but there are different types of comedians for different types of events. Some comedians may be better as an emcee, or some may be better at a strict timed routine. Some may be better with crowd work, some may not be great at engaging with the crowd. You want to find someone who can bring the right energy for the room. 

How Much Time?

Depending on the type of event you are holding, your schedule will be important in ensuring everyone has a great time. Typically a comedian will do around 40-55 minutes, but depending on your event you may have more or less time slotted for available show time. When you choose to book a comedian with Living Room Laughs, we are going to help accommodate your event by customizing each comedian's time slot to ensure everyone gets a gut full of laughter. If you have awards being presented, a comedic host can break up the monotony with great jokes throughout! An after-dinner show or private party usually has the freedom of their home or event space to let the show flow freely as the centerpiece of the event!

Know Your Audience.. And Let Us Know Beforehand!

This is a key detail when planning on what comedian to bring in for your event. Any GOOD comedian can read a room and know what subjects hit or don’t hit, but when you have control of the material, it’s good to plan your comic around your audience. Things to consider…

Gender of Audience?

Age of Audience?

Political Beliefs/Alignments?

New Age? Old Farts? Fart Jokes?

When you’re planning a stand-up event, plan it around the people who will be there, not what you like, not what your mom likes, appease your peeps!

Have a Budget In Mind

We see this often. “I have no idea how much this costs.” That is common, and OBVIOUSLY why we have this blog, to help the public better understand how comedian booking works! Your  budget will determine what you can or cannot get. Oftentimes the comedians you’ve heard of will charge upwards of $75,000-$200,000 for an event. Before you throw up, know that Living Room Laughs provides a variety of available comedians in a wide range of pricing options. What’s most important to us is knowing what you have set aside for the entertainment budget. There are a lot of moving parts when planning an event, so if you are considering hiring a comedian, save some of your budget for the talent! You get what you pay for!

Stay tuned here on the blog for more bites on booking comedians and things to think about during your event planning process! Remember to follow us on Facebook! If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our private stand-up comedy shows, just drop us a message! We are always here to help!


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