That’s a Laugh…Virtual 40th Birthday Party Ideas That Won’t Disappoint!

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When someone turns 40, they deserve something special. It’s not every year that your age changes from young adult to BOOMER, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. We are obviously not locked indoors anymore, but the virtual era wasn’t all bad. When we were able to provide virtual birthday comedy shows during the shutdown, it became clear that we were onto something. The way people responded, and the reviews showed that the comedy club can come to you, even if you’re in another state!

If you have someone near and dear to you cracking the old 4-0 this year, give them a hug, and check out these virtual 40th birthday party ideas!

Zoom Birthday Brunch

What’s more fun than BRRRUNCH! Well, it’s fun if you’re able to smell the benedict and pass the mimosas around the table. Things got pretty weird during the pandemic, and just because brunching went virtual doesn’t mean it has to end, especially when you can brunch WHILE you watch a customized live comedy show dedicated to your fresh 40-year-old. \

Online Cocktail Party

If you worked for a big corporate company, maybe you’ve heard of this. Wine and liquor tastings became a popular remote activity over the last few years, and we’ll be honest we are down with this. It marries very well with our virtual birthday show! You can do both! Feature a virtual cocktail party for your coworkers or remote family and enjoy a cocktail while laughing your ass off!

Virtual Costume Party

Just because it isn’t Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t get dolled up in a themed costume party for your virtual event! We really love this idea, of bringing people together remotely all dressed in a theme, Peaky Blinders, 90s themes, 80s themes, ugly Xmas sweater, whatever you want! Having a costume party during a virtual stand-up comedy show could get really interesting…any time of year!

Zoom Roast

Umm.. hello! This is an awesome idea for someone turning 40! What better way to celebrate someone than rip them to shreds in a comedy show with a mini roast? If you’ve got some jokes, we say get your roast on, but also, don’t be afraid to bring in a ringer. We have REAL NYC comedians that can get down and dirty (or keep it clean) and really bring the house down sometimes at your birthday person’s expense. Take note the comedians all do their acts, but can also poke a little fun at the birthday person.  It’s up to you to decide.

Virtual Surprise Party!

Maybe this 40-year-old doesn’t want a big surprise party or event, but if your person doesn’t really like going out, this is perfect! SURPRISE! You don’t have to go out, and you get a stand-up show dedicated to YOU! Allowing you and your guests to kick back at home and enjoy the show from home and support their friend/family member could be the best gift you could give your home-dweller! 

These are just a few ideas on how you can make your 40th birthday party awesome, even if it’s virtual! If you have any questions about our events or are curious about pricing or availability, just give us a call or reach out via our contact form! Michelle works with people from all over the country to put on amazing virtual stand-up events for people from all different backgrounds! Let’s get your show on the road!


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