3 Reasons Why You Book a Virtual Comedy Show for Your Remote 50th Birthday Party

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It’s been an odd few years. The world has shifted greatly and despite all the hangups and setbacks that the pandemic has provided, one thing is for certain… People still love to laugh. Times have been tough but real love has shined through and brought many of us closer than ever, even if it meant not inviting Uncle Barry to Thanksgiving. Here on the blog we hope to help you guys out there looking for something fun and exciting to bring everyone together virtually. We have found that 40th, 50th, and 60th birthday parties are a huge hit for our virtual comedy shows!

Here are 3 Reasons why you should consider a virtual comedy show for your 50th birthday!

Laugh From Home

There once was a day when going out for a birthday party was looked forward to. Remember when you turned 18? 19? 21? Well if you or your loved one is turning 40, 50, or 60!? They probably are already GROANING over what happens to them on their day of birth. Some people enjoy just relaxing on their birthday, some people love to turn up, regardless of age. One big great reason why a virtual comedy show is good for your party is everyone can enjoy the show from home! Don’t worry about who gets invited, who drinks what, or who doesn’t eat meat… Just log on.. And laugh!

Easy Set-Up & Stand Up

We do come to you if a private stand-up show is what you’re looking for, but another thing people love about a virtual stand-up show is how easy they are to host. If you do want to have a few folks over, it makes for a great cocktail party, allowing everyone to hang out in person and watch the live comedy on your big screen, or we can connect people from all over the country! Just log on at showtime from anywhere on planet earth (except Russia) and you can see your friends' faces enjoying the show every step of the way!

Custom Virtual Comedy Experience

When you signup for a virtual comedy event with Living Room Laughs, you’re teaming up with professional New York City comics. We perform in the city weekly, and we have a lot of quality stand-up comedian friends in high places. Whatever type of show you’re looking for, we can accommodate our 4 comedians to your flavor! We truly enjoy what we do, so be as forthcoming as possible with the type of show you are looking for! We take pride in providing a lifetime of memories from this experience for you and all of your friends and family!

These are 3 of MANY reasons why you should think about a virtual zoom comedy night with Living Room Laughs! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Michelle to talk about your party! We work with individuals all over the country to provide private virtual events so that people can get together and laugh no matter where they are or where they’re from! If you work for an organization and are looking for a clean corporate comedy set… Look no further! Check out some of these companies we’ve worked with! Remember to follow us on Facebook, and Checkout Ben & Michelle’s latest content for a good laugh!


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